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You Should Be Monetizing Your Unique Voice and Vision

Quiy Speaks is a Director & Producer specializing in creative content creation, organic growth strategies, and content monetization. We have a team of creative directors, producers, and full-time creators who have worked hard to make us the top podcasting production company out of Atlanta. We’re passionate about helping content creators maximize their reach and monetize their work. Our community was built for you to create content that resonates with your audience, create effective organic growth strategies, and develop a monetization strategy that works for you.


Elevate your creative career to new heights of success by joining our Creator's Community!

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My Story

From starting out as a videographer in Miami to now producing some of the top podcasts out, my journey has been an adventure. I got my start shooting music videos, weddings & promo videos, eventually moving on to podcasting after an IG live show. After pivoting into sales moving to Atlanta, I found myself feeling lost and I decided to go back to what I loved. Now I'm dedicated to helping creators monetize their passion while producing the top podcasts out.

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